Thursday, February 1, 2007


I met Lori through a network of pastor's wives. In addition to being a great singer, she is a missionary to Mexico.

In a recent blog, Lori spoke of a missions visit to a coastal town in Mexico. Just two days before they arrived, there was an eruption of guerrilla warfare and a man was murdered. Fear kept the villagers in their homes.

As a singer, part of Lori's ministry involves giving open air concerts. A few hours before she was to minister, she had to battle fear. What if there were another problem? What if she died? But God gave peace and courage to minister and one woman even gave her heart to the Lord in spite of all the fear and small crowd.

As I read Lori's testimony, I listened to a song she wrote and recorded called "Secure." What a wondrous message. We can lay down and sleep at night, knowing we are secure in the One who makes us secure! We can minister for Him, even in the face of danger because we are secure in Him!

To read more of Lori's testimony and to hear her music (Music is available to download for $1 per song and proceeds will be used toward their ministry in Mexico) go to:

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