Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Once again I am amazed at how God weaves together the events of our lives. Looking at each incident separately, they are just events that fill our day-to-day lives. But looking at them as a whole - the picture is full of vibrant color, purpose and joy!

Through a business venture in the summer of 2005, I met Janet - a writer/publisher/fellow business owner. We became friends and I started writing for her online magazine, Reflections ( ).

Shortly thereafter, she became my writing coach through her online courses. Even though I had already published my first novel, I knew I had much to learn, especially about building a network of readers and marketing my work.

Recently, one of the writing assignments suggested joining online groups - social networking sites. One such site I found centered around pastor's wives. What a joy it has been to hear from pastor's wives and missionary wives around the country and the world. It has become a daily staple of encouragement and prayer for me.

But back to God's loom! He does all things well. I have been struggling with a new writing project for Janet- a digital devotional book which will be published in March. The title is Basking in the Son Room and it is geared toward those who need to take a spiritual step back from the stress of the world to regroup / heal/ and rejuvenate by spending intimate and intense time with Him.

I have a good outline and know what I want to write about, but it is a struggle getting the words down on paper. Last night one of the gals from the pastor's wives network suggested a beautiful web site at Curious, I visited and found comfort, rest and peace in the music of the site. It is truly music to "soak" your soul while praying.

I've been so immersed in writing about this type of soaking, I had forgotten to close my eyes and soak in His presence - the very essence of the project! Because of my "Martha" nature, I often get caught up in doing, rather than being. I'm so thankful He intertwines the threads of my life with others to accomplish His purposes - even in my mundane everyday life!

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Laurel Wreath said...

Oh I am bookmarking that site, beautiful.