Thursday, January 18, 2007

Never Stop Praying...

"If you begin an intercessor's group, make sure they know what could happen if they pray," said the young adult coordinator at a recent Christian Education meeting.

She was concerned because of a recent string of illnesses and problems throughout the church since several of us began interceding about various issues both inside and outside the church.

"Some people will jump on the prayer bandwagon without being prepared. We can't afford to lose them."

I understand her concern, especially after the latest incident - an early morning fire at one of the young adults homes. I breathed a prayer of thanks because everyone got out of the trailer safely.

Then the enemy crept up behind me and began whispering, "See...don't you think it's time to stop praying?"

Them's fightin' words! Stop praying? No way!

If anything, I need to pray harder for God to pour out His Spirit on our church and through my writing. I'm going to keep on praying for spiritual and emotional healing in the lives of hurting women. I'm going to pray harder against the conflict I see in so many churches and the hurts in the lives of ministerial families.

There's too much at stake to stop praying now. So join me if you dare! Let's lift up our hearts and hands to God - greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world.

God will be victorious!