Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Have you googled earth yet?

My daughter was very excited yesterday when she told me about a website she and her hubby visited.

They did a word search on Google and typed in the words Google earth. Within minutes they were visiting sites all over the earth via satellite like the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and my house!

According to Lis, they could see things very clearly - even people standing in line at the Eiffel Tower, waiting to ascend the structure! And she said if her Dad stood in the parking lot of the church, they would be able to see him standing there.

After we finished talking my husband and I decided when the grand kids' birthdays rolled around we would make a large banner and lay it in the parking lot with the words Happy Birthday and the name of the birthday boy or girl. Then we'll call them on the cell phone from the parking lot and have them go to the google earth site and look up our house. We plan to stand by the banner, look up into the sky and wave so they could see us!

It amazes me that a satellite we can't even see outside the earth's atmosphere can take photos of recognize able places and even people with a fair amount of clarity. There are still problems in mountainous or forested areas or places where the atmospheric conditions aren't right for clarity of vision, but for the most part, this is pretty fantastic technology.

It also makes me thankful that even though man has the technology to see what's going on halfway around the world day or night, God's vision is even more awesome. He can not only see us clearly, he can see what's inside our hearts and understand the thoughts we think. He is ever present and all knowing - watching over us and ready to help us when we call!

That's one awesome God!

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