Saturday, February 3, 2007

Happy Carrot Cake Day!

Happy Carrot Cake Day!

Yup! Today is National Carrot Cake Day - at least according to the one greeting card site I visited. Sounds quite tasty - maybe I'll bake up one today....

I just realized I missed some other important holidays as well, according to the card making magazine.

Did you know...

January 13 is National Dream Come True Day?

And what about National Hugging Day on January 21st? I'm really sorry I missed that one - I coulda called in all the hugs owed to me by my grand kids...

Then there was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on January 30th. Nothing like a good piece of bubble wrap to ease the stresses of life!

Well, no matter. I don't need a special day to let my friends know I appreciate them. I can always send a card to encourage them during the dark times in life. I can visit with a loaf of homemade bread or chicken noodle soup. Phone calls are nice too, especially on snowy days when the roads are slick and I don't really want to venture out.

So to all my family, friends, readers, and friends I haven't met yet, I appreciate you! I'm praying for God's richest blessings on your life and thank you for your prayers as well!

God bless you all!

Hmmm, now where did I put those carrots?


Shelley said...

First time here. I came from the Christian Women Online page and thought I'd say hello. I've bookmarked your blog and will be back again!

Blessed said...

Carrot Cake sounds really good!!
Hoping you have a blessed day!