Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Passing it on...

When we share the story of our journey to wholeness, we never know who it will touch – but as we yield to Him, He carries it to those who need it most.

That's the neat thing about stories, especially our true-life stories. They cause our ears to perk up and our hearts to become attentive. The sharing of our stories brings healing, encouragement, love and a sense of community.

I was privileged to discover this first hand as a group of abuse survivors met together each week to share. It was there I met Penny, one of the moderators for the group. I was struggling to cope with the damage done by the abuse. Penny invited me to become part of the group.

What really put me at ease about it was that she had been there struggling with the same issues.. She knew and understood what I was feeling.

As we met together each week and shared our stories and our struggles with the issues of abuse, an amazing thing happened. We learned how to cope better with things. We learned how to trust again, to laugh again and to love ourselves again. We were able to see ourselves as lovable and valuable to God, reaffirmed each week by the encouraging words of the group. Penny's story and the story of the other gals touched me.

The amazing thing about God is that He never wastes an experience in our lives. We may consider it to be a horrible experience, but God always has something to teach us and uses even the worst things in our lives to help us grow.He heals us, through His own intervention as well as through the care and the stories of others.

Their stories touched me, strengthening and healing me.Now God has been helping me to share my story, through my book Daughter of Lot and through speaking to women's groups. So the healing continues. We never know who our lives will touch when we give God our stories.

Thank You Lord for this kingdom principle!

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