Friday, February 2, 2007

Coming Soon

My husband grew up in a community not too far from Punxytawney, PA where the infamous groundhog, Phil the Prognosticator, lives. So he's familiar with the February 2nd antics of this famous weather predicting rodent.

I'm also from PA and of German ancestry so I grew up watching each February 2nd to see if we would have six more weeks of winter or not. It really never seemed to matter if the groundhog saw his shadow, we'd inevitably have wintry weather until Easter when we were finally allowed to don our new clothes for the Easter sunrise service. Somehow, that was always the start of spring for me.

The old farmers read the almanac and watched the animal behaviors to determine weather patterns.Today we have dopplar radar. Nothing is 100% accurate, but we still watch the signs (or the TV) to see what the day will bring weather-wise. Whether we get six more weeks of winter or an early spring as Phil indicated, we still keep busy with our day to day lives.

In the same way, we watch the heavens, the predicted signs (weather and natural disasters), the interactions between people (wars and rumors of wars) as we wait for the Lord's return.It seems inevitable that it will be soon, though we don't know exactly when.

With the advanced technology of our weaponry, huge areas can be devastated in a single strike. With the trend of global warming, it seems the storms are becoming more frequent and fierce. There are more earthquakes of greater intensity. Really makes one wonder how much more this old world can take?

Yet as we wait for His return, we as Christians have at least two tasks - to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have yet to hear and to "occupy" or go about our daily Christian lives, praying ans ministering as usual until He does come. Whether it's six weeks form now or 60 years, He is coming soon. Are you busy, but ready?

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A Life Inspired said...

Hi Bonnie,

I found your blog on the Christian Women's ring; I was very glad Phil didn't see his shadow today. Texas has had so much cold this year, I am ready for spring.

You are a good writer! Thanks for sharing with others. Congrats on your recent published book. That is my dream I am working on now. I have a Christian blog here, am launching a landscape website, and produce a newsletter for my church. But I want to do more. So, I'm working with a missionary couple to take God into every English and Spanish speaking country via their website we're developing, and I'm creating a digital newsletter. I am so very excited that the technology we have today can take God's word swiftly to others who need the comfort of the unfailing love of Jesus.

Keep up the wonderful writing!