Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Blessing Journal

God is amazing! Since the beginning of this week, He has been showing my daughter and her husband that He will take care of them in many little ways.

They have four small children and because of circumatances beyond their control, it appears his job may be in jeopardy. He's not even sure there will be a paycheck in the coming weeks.The situation has become critical, especially financially for their family. Though Lis feels discouraged, she still cares and wants to see God bring a healing to their church.

This week, God met their needs in so many small ways: a reimbursement from a credit card company; a lowering of their interest rate and monthly payment amount on their vehicle;a refund from their doctor's office; and payment for a wedding and counseling services her hubby provided.Josh even found a $10 bill on the ground which had been run over many times in a municipal parking lot.

She cried at God's provision because she wasn't even sure they could afford to buy groceries this week for the four children.

"Write these things down," I told my daughter. "When you're tempted to get discouraged, go to the journal and read what God has done!" Not only will it serve to remind her of how God provides, it will be a witness to the enemy that God is in control and as long as Lis and Josh are walking in His will, He will take care of them - even if the conflict persists in the church.

When we get discouraged we tend to forget the things God has done. It is easier to look at the problems rather than God's provision. By keeping a "Blessing Journal" we can look back and remember what He's done for us personally and how we felt about His provisions. It will encourage us and go a long way toward fighting off the discouragement and depression that the enemy tries to throw our way to get us off track.

Start your Blessing Journal today!

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