Monday, February 26, 2007

Weeping for the Children

I have a special pair of earrings, given to me by a missionary friend that I wear sometimes when I write.I got them out today because I needed a reminder of why I write.

These earrings are special to me because they were made by young women overseas. Many of these young women were stolen from their families at a young age or promised a better life in the cities, then forced to become prostitutes in the slums and brothels with no hope of ever working hard enough to "repay" the debt for their food and clothing.

Through the compassionate gifts of Christians worldwide, a small percentage of these young women have been "bought back" out of the terrifying clutches of sexual predators, and given a life of hope in Christ. They are given skills to live and their lives have meaning, purpose and dignity again through the love of Jesus. But there are so many more...

When I think of the plight of these children, I see two pictures - one a loving Christ who weeps as He holds the broken, battered body of a misused child and the other of a Savior with fire and anger flashing in His eyes for those who would care so little for the lives of these children.

The Lifetime network aired a movie last evening (Sunday) about this kind of sex trafficking which reminded me of the terror and hopelessness of the children's situation. Like my special earrings, it reminded me to pray and do what I can to spread His message of love and redemption.

As writers, we never know who our message will touch or how God will use our words to make a difference in the kingdom of Christ. That is my heart; my desire to make a difference in the Kingdom of God - it's why I write.

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