Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rearranging Furniture

Okay ladies, be honest - how many of you like to rearrange the furniture?

My husband occasionally goes off to work at the church office in the morning and when he comes home at night , he almost sits on the floor because I've rearranged the living room furniture. We've all done that right?

I'm not sure why, but at times this irresistible urge just strikes out of nowhere - a sudden dissatisfaction with the way things are - a need for change in my life. So I just up and rearrange things. I guess it shouldn't surprise me then when God decides to rearrange things in my life - just because HE CAN!

And He HAS rearranged things over the last few weeks in my life! I'm in the middle of cleaning house now so we can accommodate my daughter, her husband and four children upstairs. My son, his wife and lttle Avery already occupy the finished basement of our house. In two short weeks, my empty nest will be fuller than ever - A major adjustments for my DH and I after we've lived ALONE for many years.

Because of a friend's comment on a recent blog of mine (thanks CeCe!) I discovered a way to keep things in perspective. I drew a living room floor plan and created paper furniture shapes which I've hung near my writing desk. I wrote a scripture verse on the bottom of the picture.
"Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own."( Proverbs 3:5 The Message)

It reminds me that God CAN rearrange the pieces of my life in any way He chooses, any time He chooses, just because He is God and knows best!

At least He gave me a warning this time so I don't accidentally find myself sitting on the floor...

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