Monday, March 12, 2007

Mucky Monday

Help! It's Monday and I can't concentrate!

My brain is fried this morning - all I hear are the strains of "Bob the Builder, Can we fix it? Bob the Builder, Yes we can!" Oh yes, then there's Thomas, the Tank Engine's Calliope sounding theme as well - courtesy of my two year old grandson.

There's no hope, once you get these theme songs stuck in your head. Like the DVD player replays the stories over and over again, the theme songs get stuck in the functioning track of my mind and keep replaying.

I made the mistake of holding him on my lap last evening to keep him from screaming when his parents walked out the door to go house hunting. Just to distract his attention, Avery and I visited Bob and Thomas on the Internet.

BIG MISTAKE! I must admit it worked well at the time to keep him from missing his parents and even evoked a number of giggles as I played and replayed the activities for him. It was also a great bonding time for us. BUT, now every time I sit down at my computer, He comes over asking for "Bob?"

Sigh! How can a grandma resist those puppy dog eyes? It looks like I've created a "Muck" monster. (For those unfortunate, uninformed souls out there - Muck is Bob's bright red dump truck who loves adventures.)

I know, I know. He's got his little fingers firmly entwined around Grandma's heart! Letting go of him again when they move out will be a painful thing - so, I guess I'll just take today off and enjoy my Mucky Monday with Avery while his mommy goes job hunting.

Happy Mucky Monday!

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