Saturday, March 17, 2007

Letting go...

"Martha, Martha, you're overwhelmed and worried about many things..."

Once again I heard the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart as I rushed around trying to prepare for my daughter's move home.

"But Lord," I sputtered and fumed. "How will they manage on the long trip here if Josh has to drive the moving truck and she has to drive the van alone with the four children...There won't be anyone to help them."

"I've got it all under control." He gently, but firmly said. "Just ask her. You don't need to go and rescue her. Just open your heart and home - I'll take care of the rest."

"Mom, it's okay - Josh's family is coming down to help us move. His dad's going to drive the truck, his mom will drive their car, Josh can drive our car and I'll drive the van. His sister will ride with me to help with the kids. We'll have a real caravan, just like the old fashioned wagon trains." She even laughed when she said it.

Okay, that's one finger pried loose from my motherly death grip on the worry rope. "But Lord, how will they manage when they get here - they don't have jobs and they have bills to pay..."

"I've got it all under control." His voice was a little firmer this time. "Remember, they're in this situation because they were true to Me and the calling I placed on their lives. I will provide - just like I always did for you."

"Yes, Lord - You always were faithful to us , even through difficult times in the ministry." but inside I still protested and sputtered, "But I'm her mom..."

"Oh, Mom, Josh found several wonderful ministry opportunities and we're looking into them. They're perfect for him and only a two hour drive from where you live. We'll still need to be with you for a little while, but maybe not as long as we anticipated."

I was miffed and somewhat disappointed - as difficult as it would be to have 11 of us under one roof, I was looking forward to having her with me for a while. We could go yard-sailing; I could hug my grand kids on a daily basis; and here was God, taking over the parental chore of nurturing and providing.

Okay - another finger pried loose. "Uh, Lord, I'm losing my grip here..."

He smiled and said. "Good."

"You really do have everything under control, don't You?"

"Yes, child. Even the smallest details of your lives."

Relief washed over my heart as I finally let go of the rope and felt His hands under my feet.

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Shelley said...

What a great reminder - to let go and let God take control of the reigns!