Monday, March 5, 2007

Nobody's Perfect...

Let me just go on record to say that pastor’s wives aren't perfect. Rushing around to get everything ready to go out the door can be overwhelming when your routine gets upset. Take yesterday morning for instance…

A missionary visited the church for the morning service so my husband planned a soup and sandwich luncheon afterward. Being the good pastor’s wife means being sure there is enough to eat. Normally, it's not a problem, but because of an overnight snowfall, I suspected some people wouldn't show up with their food. So I fretted about it, wondering what else I could make.

Though I fixed up the ham salad for sandwiches on Saturday, I still had to make them on Sunday morning to be sure they didn't get soggy. I grumbled under my breath about how much I dislike luncheons as I fixed breakfast for my hubby and my visiting son’s family.

Because of the snow, my helper called to say she wasn't able to make it for Children’s Church so I had to make a snack and gather up some extra lesson supplies that she would normally bring.

Then I remembered - it was my turn to sing a special. Because of the weather we didn't have Wednesday evening worship practice so I forgot to check the schedule. I made a mad dash to sort through the cassettes and CD tracks.

There were several which I had been practicing, but wasn't sure which one to sing. One song had been circulating in my head since I woke up so I decided that was the one I’d do. After a quick practice, I was ready to go to church feeling agitated and unsettled.

Thank God the weather and other situations don’t catch Him by surprise. He’s always there and ready, even if we aren't. In spite of my morning upset, the song went well. I survived Children’s Church and there was plenty of food.

The song God put in my head as I rushed around the house feeling harried was His choice to meet the unspoken needs of our missionary guest. Though I was distracted, God was still in control. His timing and love are perfect, even though I'm not!

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