Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Earning My PHT

This week's quote is:

"One of the secrets to a happy marriage is remembering the source of our joy, which is not one another. The source of our joy is the Lord. Yes, we share tons of joyous moments, but we don't expect, let alone demand, endless joy-filled moments from each other. "~ Liz Curtis Higgs ~from the devotional: Rise and Shine

As a young wife, I attended Spiritual Life University, earning my PHT degree. To me, “Putting Hubby Through” meant laying aside my own dreams and calling, being the good Christian wife and doing whatever was needed to help Dan achieve his life ambitions to enter full time ministry.

For awhile it was enough – I reveled in his successes, secretly pleased to think he wouldn’t have achieved his dreams without me. When he received his license to preach and accepted the call to his first church, I was elated!

Then the children began to arrive. I drew my contentment from caring for the family. When my husband’s salary as the pastor of a small church wasn’t enough to provide for the needs of our growing family, I gladly took on the role of working mom, dusting off the coveted PHT diploma on the wall of my heart.

Early in life, I learned it was my job to make others happy at all costs. My own needs didn’t matter. That philosophy had earned me the PHT diploma with honors. I was good at looking out for everyone’s needs but my own.

Martha giving takes its toll on a person’s joy over a lifetime. I needed to go back to SLU for some continuing education credits – this time to enroll in some Mary courses.

During my Mary studies, I learned I had to nurture the vertical relationship between myself and the Lord above all other things - to take time to nourish my own spiritual life, not just others– quite a difficult study for one who was taught to please everyone else first.

My old PHT diploma now sits in a box of trash by the curb. I don’t have to take care of everyone else’s needs to be happy – my joy comes from a deep intimate relationship with Jesus first. When I’m happy in Him, that joy spreads to everyone around me. Now I’m Praising Him Thoroughly – PHT!

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MiPa said...

Love your take on this. Blessings to you!

Jennifer said...


I loved your take on this! So often I hear women who give and give and give say that they realize the need "me" time. I don't know why but that just ruffles my feathers. It's not that I don't think we need rest but I think we need to look at realligning what we are doing with God's words. It is true that the answer is not just carving out time for one's own indulgances but to give up the Martha-ness of our lives and to become a bit more Mary-ish.

Your answer of having to learn to nurture the vertical relationship between yourself and the Lord above all other things - to take time to nourish your own spiritual life, not just othersi is what I think all those who take "me" time really need.

Thank you for a great Biblical answer to a problem so many of us face!


The Preacher's Wife said...

I am also a pastor's wife and know the concept of PHT very well...Loved your insight and enjoy your blog..Don't think we've met before but I'm glad we have now! :)

Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing...this was an awesome post

Denise said...

This was really great, thanks for sharing.

Darlene said...

You're well educated. :)

Great insight, thanks.