Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Picture This...

"It's Bo-ring!" I hear it all the time from my Children's Church and Wednesday evening kid's classes. So to prevent boredom, I'm constantly on the lookout for new ideas to incorporate int my teaching.

This week, my daughter, a homeschool mom, shared an idea she used with my grandkids to reinforce their reading. She taught them to play a "pictionary" type game with words and phrases they have learned. Apparently Jack and Eve had so much fun playing, they didn't even want to stop to watch TV or to go to bed.

Thanks, Lis! You got my creative juices flowing. Since we are learning the 10 commandments on Wednesday evenings, I purchased some dry erase markers and arranged to have a dry erase board in the classroom. Then I typed each commandment on a slip of paper (you can duplicate them if you have more than 10 children).

Each child chose a slip of paper when it was his turn and had to illustrate the commandment on the board without saying anything. The other children sat on the floor around the board and were able to guess which of the 10 commandments was being illustrated on the board.

Though we still have six weeks to go on our 10 commandment unit, , the game is a good way to familiarize the children with all of the commandments in preparation for each lesson. They love playing games and really enjoyed this week's lesson!

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