Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chocolate covered strawberries?


Happy Valentine's Day!

I love chocolate! As a fondue with fresh fruit it's even better. But don't try to eat these beauties - they're made from polymer clay.

Several years ago when I worked in a garden/flower shop, my co worker wanted to make a Valentine display. A wrought iron garden table and chair graced the large showroom window, surrounded by spring plants and artificial arrangements. A lace tablecloth, candles and china tea cups completed the romantic display.

But not to be outdone, I molded these faux strawberries and coated them with "chocolate" for an added touch.

Polymer clay works great to create "food" accents for any kind of display. Chocolate chip cookies are easy - use a small ball of clay and roll it to 1/4 inch thickness. Add small chocolate chip shaped pieces of dark brown polymer clay for the chips.

These make a great project for the kids too. My grandkids love making gingerbread men. We rolled out a balls of gold polymer clay and used cookie cutters cut the shape. They decorated their creations with white polymer clay icing, red bow ties and black/brown raisins. By placing a small hole in the top of each "cookie" they were able to hang them on their tree or give them as gifts to friends and neighbors.

Playing with clay isn't just for kids anymore... Big kids like it too!

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