Thursday, February 7, 2008

Crazy Quilt cards


There's just something about a quilt that speaks of comfort and warmth. Maybe that's why I love the quilted look for many of the cards I make. I am reminded of God's comforting, warm touch as I craft and it's fin to share that warm, comforting feeling with others as I send out the cards.

Using scraps and little leftover bits of paper, I love to make crazy quilt blocks. By adding a faux blanket stitch around the edge, it looks like a real fabric block.

This photo is a card created from an HGTV quilt block of the month design from several years ago called "Strolling the Block". Each month from January to December, they added a new pattern of a house done in this crazy quilt style.

I made all 12 blocks using paper rather than fabric and placed them together in a frame for my daughter. I have to make 3 more sets so my other daughter and daughter-in-law will have a "quilted" and framed picture for Christmas 2008. Since I always make these things for everyone else but myself, I decided I needed to do one too. I have a BIG blank wall in my living room that needs some art and this would be a great project, though a bit time consuming.

For my "quilt" I'd like to create original block designs, using pictures of the houses where my hubby and I have lived and the churches we pastored. By scanning actual photos and then tweaking them with my photo program, I can get a "coloring book" picture from which I can cut pattern pieces. Then I can choose different patterns, colors and weights of scrapbook paper and cut out the needed shapes.

I like to use my Xyron sticker maker to prep the pieces for attaching to the card stock - it's much less messy that way. I simply have to peel and stick the pieces in place.

I'm getting so excited about this project, I better quit blogging and get to work! When it's done, I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished project and maybe a few block patterns along the way!

For more on quilts and cards, visit me at the Quilts and Quills page of the new e-zine, 4Him2U. The January issue is online now and February will be out on or around February 17th. See you there!

Have a creative day!

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Valerie said...

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.