Monday, February 18, 2008

Global Prayer Warriors

Don't you just love it when God does something completely unexpected to encourage you and lift you up?

This last week left me feeling pretty discouraged. I know about spiritual warfare and realized that the things going on in my life and around me are situations which require fighting some heavy duty spiritual battles, but I felt wounded and small inside the armor, you know?

One of the things I struggle with is asking for help and prayer. Time after time I find myself slipping into that mode of being the pastor's wife and therefore I should be able to pray for myself and handle things on my own. But God never intended it to be that way. He has designed us to be relational beings - to bear each other up and to link our shields together during the spiritual battles.

After receiving some particularly distressing news on Saturday afternoon, I felt discouraged once again. However, just a few moments later, I received an e-mail from an acquaintance halfway around the world in India who dropped me a personal note letting me know he and his family were praying for me.

I immediately felt humbled as I sensed God's spirit there ministering to me. This person was a virtual stranger to me - I had received a few missionary type letters from him telling of his ministry and asking for prayer and support. Yet,as needy as he was, here he was affirming that God had seen my needs and was sending prayer reinforcements to bear me up!

Pretty neat, God!

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