Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lemonade Mondays

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to do the right thing, everything turns out all wrong. Monday this week was like that for me. Now I know Mondays have a reputation for being the worst day of the week, but this one was worse than normal...

A friend of mine has a son who is in jail. The jail is about an hour and a half drive away so she doesn't get to go too often. But since it is near my daughter's home, I thought it would be fun to go together.

From the beginning, things seemed to go wrong. We had to go several miles out of the way to drop my friend's grandchildren off at a different babysitter because of a scheduling mix up.

When we got to the jail, things really started to unravel. The good news is that I didn't set off the alarm as I passed through the metal detector. But I did fail the drug scan - TWICE! Yes, I can just see your raised eyebrows. "The pastor's wife FAILED the drug scan?????"

I'm not sure how or where I came in contact with LSD, but it showed up both times.

"Oh it must have been your hand lotion," my friend said, trying to console me. She came up with all sorts of things that might set off the scanner, but I honestly didn't think it was any of those things. The only two possible things were the quarters I had put in my pocket for use in the jail vending machines or the Bio Freeze I used on my hip to keep it from aching on the hour and a half drive.(I wonder what they put in that stuff????)

Though it was disappointing that I couldn't visit my friend's son (and my pride was injured at the treatment I received at the jail), at least I could still see my daughter. After a short lunch break and a lot of good-natured ribbing, I returned her to work and was on my own for about 2 hours. Shopping is hard since I can't be on my feet too long without pain from my recent back problems, but I survived by wandering in my favorite craft stores.

I reconnected with my friend after about 2 hours and started home, making three stops during the hour and a half trip. Since she was diabetic and had not eaten yet , we stopped so she could grab a bite. About halfway home, she wanted to stop at a house that had a sign in the yard selling Noni juice so we could pick up some info for my mother-in-law.She thought the Tahitian "wonder" juice could help improve my MIL's poor health.

The worst part of the trip occurred a few miles after the fruit juice stop. I almost had a accident as a puppy darted in front of the car. I couldn't swerve because of oncoming traffic. My stomach lurched with the sickening thud. We were all right but the poor puppy wasn't. We found the owner and did what we could for him, but the day had turned pretty sour.

Yes, it was a lemon of a day all right, complete with lip-puckering events that can leave a sour after taste in the soul. But by adding the sweetness of His Spirit through praise and a liberal amount of friendship and love, Christ can transform any sour day into a lemonade Monday worth remembering.

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