Thursday, May 8, 2008

Victorian Favors for Banquets or Teas


These are really easy!

For the sachet, I took a lacy type of ribbon, 2 1.2 inches wide. I used a ribbon made out of a product similar to the interfacing sewers used, but any type of lacy or gauzy ribbon will do as long as your potpourri won't fall through any holes in the lace. I cut it into 6 inch lengths and folded it in the middle.

Leaving the end open, I machine stitched down each side to form a pouch which I filled with some apricot scented potpourri. I tied the ed shut with a ribbon and hot glued on a string of beads and a flower. Done! I made 30 of them in an hour.

The pins take a bit more work. I cut 6 inch strips of 1 inch wide gathered lace and used a running stitch on the gathered edge, pulling it tight to make a lacy circle and stitching it in place to keep the shape.

Then I glued on 2 different color ribbon bows - 1 wide and one narrow, a string of beads and 3-5 silk flower blooms in any shade you like. I just cut the blooms near the end of the stem and hot glued them on to cover the gathered part of the circle.

Add a pin to the back and you're done. I used beading pins without the loop at the bottom, but larger safety pins work well too.

I figured the cost to be about 30-40 cents each and they went together quickly - a nice favor for our Victorian Legacies theme banquet.

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