Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Let the hunt begin - a fun meeting idea for your ladies or youth group

Remember the scavenger hunts when you were a kid? You were given a list of items and let loose to find as many as you could with your teammates. After a specific amount of time, you all gathered together again and counted the items you were able to find.

There have been many variations on the scavenger hunt idea, but this one I recently heard about tops the list! It's a "grown up" version which would make a great outing for a women's group or teenagers.

Karen, a fellow pastor's wife, shared this idea at a recent luncheon for pastor's wives. The group got so excited, we decided to try it ourselves Unfortunately it coincided with my trip to Florida to see my grand kids so I couldn't participate . But the gals had fun and took lots of photos.
Here's how it works:
Girl’s Nite Out Scavenger Hunt
Everyone meets at the food court of a local mall and is assigned to a team. Each team must have a digital camera and will be given a list of rules, a "Girl's Night Out" sign and a list of photos they must take in the mall (See a suggested list below). Set an hour or 2 time limit and have everyone meet back at the food court at the end where you may have a devotional if desired.

~ Be as inconspicuous as possible…pretend you’re on a secret mission.
~ Put EVERYTHING back where it belongs…be courteous!
~ Put the “Girl’s Nite Out” sign in each picture. Have someone different hold it each time.
~ Everyone needs to be in every picture—except for the photographer. You can rotate if you want…
~ Pictures do not have to be taken in order, but the whole group needs to return to the Food Court by 9:00 PM whether or not all the pictures have been taken..
~ Have a GREAT time!

Required Pictures
(may be changed to reflect the stores in your local mall.)

1. Everyone pick out your favorite colored towel at Penney’s and pose with it! (Be sure to fold it and put it back neatly!)

2. Have a child take a picture of everyone at the mall playground.

3. Have one person in the group try on a formal and have the group pose with her.

4. EVERYONE try on a pair of crazy shoes at Pay Less or Famous Footwear (both shoes need to be on and the right size). Take a picture of just your feet.

5. Have everyone get on the glass elevator and look out except for the photographer. Take a picture from the outside.

6. When the group arrives downstairs, do a creative pose and the photographer should take a picture from the floor above.

7. Take a picture in front of a mural.

8. At Bath & Body Works, have everyone choose their favorite lotion and pose with it.

9. At the toy store have everyone choose her favorite game & pose with it.

10. At Dollar Tree, everyone choose their favorite snack and pose with it. Then, put all your pennies together and buy one package of bubble gum. Note how many pennies you used here:____________

11. When you leave the Dollar Tree, give everyone some bubble gum and see who can blow the biggest bubble. Take a picture of everyone with a bubble!

12. Get a picture of everyone on a sofa at the furniture store.

13. Buy $1 size French Fries at Wendy’s. Take a picture with the fries, then have someone time how long it takes for the group to eat ALL of the fries. Write the time here:________________.

14. Get a picture of the group behind a bathroom stall door with only your heads showing.

15. At the Bon-Ton, everyone pose with your favorite purse (or pocketbook).

16. Get a picture of everyone at the ride-on toys. Have at least one person on a toy. Give 50 cents to a child to go on a ride.

17. If possible, take a picture of everyone with the “Yummy” Chef while taste-testing the chicken. If he’s not out, just take a picture in front of the restaurant & everyone say, “Yummy, yummy!”

18. Go to Hallmark and find your name on something—see if you can find something that tells what your name means. Hold up the item and take a picture. (Remember what your name means—write it on the back of this paper.)

19. Take a picture with your favorite TY Beanie Baby.

20. Do a creative pose at the fountain.

For her devotional, Karen used:
One Body with Many Parts
I Corinthians 12:12-31 (NLT) and tied it in with how the women worked together to accomplish their assigned task.

Thanks Karen for this great idea!!!!!

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