Friday, May 30, 2008

Pray for those who've never heard


This morning, my heart was moved by this AP photo on the Yahoo news on my home page about uncontacted tribes living in the Amazon River basin between Brazil and Peru.

According to the article, there are still over 100 tribes worldwide who have never had outside contact with about half of them living in this Brazil/Peru Amazon River Basin region. They are in danger of being forced off their land by companies logging in the rich rain forest areas. Also. because of their isolation, they've never had contact with diseases we now immunize our children against - diseases that could wipe out whole tribes.

What really blew my mind was that there were still over 100 tribes in our world that have never heard the Good News of the Gospel of Christ!

One of the biggest influences in my life was the story in the 1950's of Wycliffe Bible Translators who were killed making contact with the Auca Indians in this region of the world. Following this tragedy, the wives of these men ventured int the area to bring Christ's message to the very people who killed their husbands.

For years after reading this missions story and following the life of Elisabeth Elliott, my teenaged heart longed to go into this region of the world and reach those uncontacted tribes. I never realized that dream, but have often thought about those who have never heard the Gospel in those regions.

Today I was reminded to keep praying for them that they will hear and believe the message of Christ. I also sensed an urgency about it - you see we are living in the last days according to the prophetic message of Scripture. It isn't hard to see that as we look at the events in the world around us lining up with the future events prophesied in Scripture.

But one of the things that is supposed to happen is that all nations will have a chance to hear the message. That includes these uncontacted tribal nations in remote areas of the world.

My blog today is a call to prayer for Christians everywhere to pray for those who haven't yet heard the good news of the Gospel. He is coming soon - May all the people hear the message of love and forgiveness in Christ.


Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Bonnie, I was stunned by those photos yesterday, too!!!! My heart was moved when I saw them aiming at the airplane. I wondered if they were afraid?

I am sorry to say that I missed the opportunity to pray with my 12 year old son when we were looking at the photos. I need to go back and do that today!

Blessings and thanks for the (obvious but forgotten by me) reminder to pray for these "nations."

Nancy Schneider said...

Good morning, Bonnie!

I appreciate your call to prayer. Thanks for opening your heart for those still waiting for God's Word in their heart language. I was wondering if you know about Wycliffe Bible Translator's Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project? We match prayer partners with language communities that are still waiting. This might be a great activity for you and your family. Or your church family? Let me know if you want more information. Or check out our

Blessings to you!
Nancy Schneider
Vice President Prayer Ministries