Friday, October 12, 2007

Scarlet Threads

I love to watch the way God weaves together the details of my life!

This particular color of thread began several years ago at a women's ministry luncheon, I viewed a video clip of a ministry which "redeemed" girls and young women from their slavery in the Far Eastern brothels. Many had been kidnapped or worse - sold by their families out of desperation to survive - and ended up as sex slaves in the city barrios and brothels. This ministry "purchased" the girls and then gave them their freedom, health care and an education so they would no longer be in danger of becoming slaves again.

That clip inspired the novel I am currently working on, but God didn't stop there.

Last year, I met a missionary wife who visits India several times each year, teaching the young women rescued from the brothels how to make jewelry. Her ministry to these women has become so successful, their jewelry making business now provides a support base for the work of the Indian ministry.

Meeting this young missionary wife motivated my decision to share a portion of the profit from my novel when it is published with a ministry of this type. But God didn't stop there.

Earlier this year I was approached by a young man to write copy for a new website. I am not a professional copy writer and had never advertised myself that way, but I agreed to do the work. His newly created non-profit organization dealt with ending child slavery world- wide. After completing the work, he sent me a copy of David Batstone's book, Not For Sale.

As I read through that book, I wept for the plight of those in bondage, especially the children who are forced to work in brothels. My heart broke again for them and I prayed, "It's not enough to promise a portion of the profit from a book that hasn't even been published yet. What can I do NOW, Lord?"

As though waiting for me to voice that question, He answered right away. "What do you have in your hands?"

"I make handmade greeting cards, Lord, but it's only a hobby. You'd have to find a market for them."

Within a few hours of voicing that prayer, my husband told me one of the local gift shops had been asking about my handmade cards. I hadn't even been in the store yet - they had "heard" about my cards from a friend of our family.

How amazing our God is - He weaves the most intricate patterns into our lives and provides direction for us to use our talents and abilities in the most effective way for Him. I look forward to seeing where this thread leads in the future and how it will look when completed! Our God is an awesome God.

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