Monday, October 1, 2007

Blue,blue my room is blue...

Wow! It's REALLY blue. But so far, everyone who has seen our newly painted Sunday School classroom likes it.

We got off to a late start - after planning to start around 8 am, we spent the morning cleaning up the room. The room had been used for storage as well as Sunday School, so all that extra stuff had to go! Then we wiped down the windows and the wall where it was the worst with black dust streaks. I'm not sure when it was painted last but the white swirl-textured plaster walls were grungy.

We set up the sewing machine and took a break to go buy the paint and pick up Sarah who would be sewing the new curtains for us. When we got back an hour later, we had to figure out how the sewing machine worked and finally we started to paint about 11:30.

Uh-oh. Why was the color so dark? As Brooke started to do the edging so I could follow along with the roller, the paint looked darker than I thought it should so I mentioned it to her. We then realized the wrong color had been mixed at the paint store. That meant another break to return the paint and get the proper color. Boy were we thankful the manager replaced it at no cost to us. Whew!

Finally we began painting in earnest about 12:30. Brooke and I finished painting our Sunday School classroom on Saturday evening - with the help of a professional house painter from our church who felt sorry for us. We struggled all day until about 4:30 and felt great about finishing 2 walls, but were sad to have to quit without finishing.

Greg came over as we were getting ready to clean up and painted the remaining 2 walls in a half hour! HONEST! Thank you Greg!

Now all we have to do are the touch ups and finish sewing the pillows for the children to sit on in the story area. When all is said and done, I'll post a picture. Until then, just remember - it is really BLUE - almost the deep blue of the sky on a crisp fall day.

At least we haven't stirred up a church controversy on the choice of color...

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