Monday, October 15, 2007

Handmade card update...

Just an update on Friday's blog -

I went into the new cafe/gift shop on Saturday to speak with the owner about selling my handmade cards. Though the owner had expressed interest in seeing the cards to my friend, it was up to me to follow through.

I still battle with a lack of self confidence in many areas of my life and almost changed my mind about going in. After finding a parking spot about a block away, I sat in the car for several moments and prayed, "Lord if this is really You, grant me favor with the owner."

Selling the cards was important to me - a way to give back to the Lord by donating the profits to missions. Since I no longer work outside the home except for my writing, I don't have a lot of income right now.

"Your cards are not good enough quality to sell in a classy shop like this," the enemy whispered from his perch on my shoulder. I almost believed him as I walked into the upscale coffee shop filled with antiques and fancy gifts.

I looked around, gawking at everything. "I'd better at least buy a cup of coffee while I'm here," I told myself, clutching my bag of handmade cards closer.

There were other customers behind me in the line and my unease grew. I didn't want to bother anyone - the owner seemed busy waiting on tables leaving her mother to wait on the line of people ordering coffee and pastries.

My nerve failed as I paid for my cup of coffee. But as I put creamer in my hazelnut special of the day, I felt the Spirit's nudge. "What have you got to lose? You prayed for favor - try Me!"

Since I was still standing near the register, the owner's mom asked if there was something else I needed so I told her why I was there. She brightened up and said, "Yes my daughter's interested. She'll be with you soon."

"Soon" turned into twenty minutes as I stood apart from the register with a smile pasted on my face to cover up my nervousness. But when it was my turn again, the owner put me at ease right away.

"I'll take 10 of each of these," she said, pointing to 9 different styles of cards. My heart jumped into my mouth as she asked to see holiday cards in another week.

Feeling like God had blessed me already, I decided to press things a little farther and showed her my novel, Daughter of Lot. Since I am pretty much on my own to market it, I try to take every opportunity I can to promote it, though it is hard for me.

Her response overwhelmed me as the owner got very excited. I'll take 15 copies she said, indicating the faith based items she sold in her store were good sellers. It certainly was more than I had hoped for.

How many times I have missed God's blessings because of my own insecurities! But I am learning to trust and listen to the Spirit's nudging. His blessings are worth the momentary discomfort as He stretches and renovates me.

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Polly P said...

Hi Bonnie!
Thank you for this blog on selling your handmade cards, it has really struck a chord with me, as I am very much in the same situation myself.

Your peice is very encouraging and I wish you so much luck with your novel. I will order a copy as soon as I can!