Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thank You Lord For Family Time

My son is like a kid with a new toy! When they moved here, he left his grill behind. That was okay since he moved in the middle of February

But with the weather getting nicer, not to mention all the grilling programs on the Food Network, the grill bug bit him and he decided it was time to purchase a new grill.

He sent his wife and his Dad on a mission to find a grill one afternoon while he was at work. Since it was still early in the season , Wal-Mart had a few of last year's models on clearance.They were able to pick up a great grill at a great discount.But the best part of it was the "bonus" God provided - a smoker grill. Dave got 2 grills for the price of one 2007 model.

So today, he's playing with his new smoker grill, preparing "pulled meat."

"Mom, do you have a good recipe for rolls?" He told me homemade sandwich rolls would taste sooooo much better and I fell for it...Well, he is my son after all!

So while he grills the meat, I get to baby sit and make homemade rolls. Once again, I am grateful to the Lord for allowing my family to be close by after so many years of living 300+ miles away. It has been wonderful to watch Avery grow about 2-3 inches in the last few months and to watch him develop new skills and words.

Thank you Lord for family! Hope you have a great weekend with yours. God bless you all.

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