Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God's Exquisite Gifts...

In "Other" Words

This week's quote is:
"What makes life on this frightful sod so exquisite is God's merciful propensity to perform divine tasks amid deeply flawed people."~ Beth Moore, LPM Blog ~

Just about the time this “frightful sod” becomes hard to deal with, God does something exquisite – something marked by His flawless craftsmanship and elaborate execution (definition from Meriam -Webster Online).

Discouragement, impatience and doubt seem to mark my daughter’s days as they wait for the Lord to open up a new door of ministry. It has been difficult for them to leave their place of ministry and move the family here with us while waiting for God’s leading. She has expressed her fear that she and her minister hubby are doomed to failure and that God has tossed them onto a shelf and forgotten them.

I understand her feelings because I felt that same way many times during our 30 years of pastoral ministry. Through church problems and conflict, as well as through my own times of depression (resulting from ministry and other difficulties) I found myself wondering how I could endure a life of serving God. It was a love-hate relationship most of the time. I loved Him and desperately wanted to serve Him in ministry, but hated the pain and difficulties that came with it.

Each time I felt tempted to give up, God would do something so “exquisite” my faith was renewed and my resolve to keep on was reinforced. Often it was an answer to a prayer – some little thing that had nothing to do with eternity – yet it was something I needed, given as an extra special blessing from a loving heavenly Father. Even though He didn’t take me out of the hard or painful situations, His exquisite “gift” reaffirmed my needy inner self, letting me know I was important to Him.

He still provides those little gems. Last week my daughter noticed a robin’s nest right outside the living room window with three blue eggs in it. It is so close; we can take the screen out of our window and look right down into it. None of us ever were able to observe a nest that close. (See my blog from May 7th.)

Just last evening, the eggs hatched allowing us to see three fuzzy little birds, mouths gaping for food. The newness of life right outside our window is an “exquisite” gift from the Father, reminding my daughter and myself that He will surely care for her family as He cares for those birds. In spite of our doubts, fears and imperfect lapses in faith, He was, is and always will be there for us – providing new life and new opportunities.

Thank You Lord!

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Pearls of Wisdom said...

Thank you Bonnie for the wonderful post. The robin and her new babies sound so beautiful . May the Lord Bless you this week and always.

In his endless love,

Angel ( Angel Mama Pearls of Wisdom)

Laurel Wreath said...

Bonnie this was beautiful, and congrats on the new chicks. Some times the Lord does lead us through deserts, but it is beautiful on the other end. Praying for your daughter and God's leading.

Denise said...

I really enjoyed your post.

MiPa said...

I love that definition of exquisite (flawless) since the very material God is using is flawed. Amazing! I'm praying that your daughter, and you, continue to see His exquisiteness as she waits. Blessings....