Friday, May 25, 2007

Gone fishin'...

Yep! He's gone fishin'. It has been so long since my dear hubby has gone fishing, I don't even remember when he went last.

We planned our vacation several months ago - to go to North Carolina and visit my daughter and her family for a week, traveling home on Memorial Day. But like the best laid plans of mice and men, things change.

Where do you go to get away from it all when all the children move home to live with you? No more "free" room and board (Well, it's never free til you buy groceries, presents for the kids and admission to local attractions for everyone). Now we don't have to divide up our vacation time between one daughter in NC and a son in NY with two sets of aging parents in PA.

So with our vacation plans upset, my hubby decided to go to back to his roots and take his fishing gear. That's why I didn't go along. My idea of vacation is shopping at all the craft stores and "playing with my crafting toys. But at my mother-in-law's house, she'd have me cleaning out closets and boxing up her used "stuff that's still good" to bring home to make my house as cluttered as hers.

Now you have to understand about Dan and fishing - it's more about wading along the creek bank in his hip boots, tossing in his line and reeling it back than it is about actually catching the fish. He rarely catches them. But he always comes back restored mentally and spiritually.

Bill Gaither had it right when he penned his song, "God loves to talk to boys when they're fishin'." Dan gets to slow down, forget about everything else and just relax. I expect he'll come back with a few fish stories. He may even stop at the grocery store and buy a fish or two to bring home. But most likely, he'll just enjoy the day, talking to the Lord and drinking in the quiet and calm of His creation. And that's okay with me!

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