Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cool, Clear Water

Moving can be hard on pets. Muffie, our beautiful long haired cat, had a real difficult time adjusting when my husband and I moved in with his parents many, many years ago. She found a place to hide under the back porch - right above the cistern. She hid there, birthed her litter of babies there and rarely made an appearance in the main house.

The house which was an old coal mining company house, didn't have a deep drilled well - only a shallow hand dug well which collected surface water. Usually there was enough water for laundry, bathing and such, but during the hotter summer months, the shallow well often went dry, forcing Dad to take his truck to a nearby spring and haul containers of water back which he pumped into the well.

The problem happened when one of Muffie's babies slipped and drowned in the shallow well. No one realized what had happened until the well water began to smell funny. Though we were sad about the kitty, it's death caused bigger problems.

We stopped drinking the water. Dad had to get in there and drain all the water out so he could clean and disinfect the whole well. Then he had to visit the spring and refill the well. Needless to say, he wasn't very happy with Muffie or her kittens!

In the book of Jeremiah (2:13), the prophet speaks about the children of Israel forsaking God, the "fountain of living water" and trying to draw water from broken and fouled cisterns - their worship of the Baals. This false worship left them sick and thirsty, rather than satisfied and whole from walking with the Lord.

How thankful I am for the good, sweet, satisfying Living Water we have in Christ who fills us up and brings health and healing to souls in distress! O Taste and see that the Lord is Good!

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