Thursday, May 24, 2007

God's provision keeps going...and going...

A friend of mine called Alzheimer's one of Satan's most evil sicknesses and I believe it. He takes delight in stealing, killing and destroying and Alzheimer;s disease is surely that - one that steals the memories, kills the spirit and destroys the mind.

We just arrived home from a three day visit with my brother and his wife. While there, we were able to spend time with my parents who live in an assisted living facility. My mother is in the last stages of Alzheimer's disease and doesn't recognize anyone. She can hardly put an intelligible sentence together. My dad has degenerative senior dementia along with a mental health diagnosis.

Like most hard working American seniors, they struggled as young adults to provide a good life for their children and to put away money for their retirement. I am thankful for what they were able to do because their efforts have enabled me as Power of Attorney to keep them together and well cared for now when they need it.

It has become an increasing struggle to juggle their finances to pay for their housing, especially since they need the level of care provided by the assisted living facility. But each time we reach a point where I worry about how it will work out, God provides a way - at least for a few more months.

Thank God - He is the source of our provision! Though it was a difficult emotional trip for me, God came through again and I was given information about funding sources on this trip which will help to stretch their resources - probably through next May so they can receive good care and be able to stay together. God is truly Good!

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