Thursday, May 10, 2007

Come as a child

Last night, seven year old Eve decided to go to Bible Study with me, not for the study, but just to be able to spend time with her Grammy.

Eve was a model child, sitting there coloring away with her markers while her father delivered the lesson. She continued to color as prayer requests were taken, her markers making soft swishing noises on her paper. I bowed my head as her daddy began to pray and suddenly realized, the markers had quieted.

Glancing over, I noticed her hand, still clutching the marker, had stilled. Eve had bowed her head, closed her eyes and was silently mouthing the words of a prayer for all the requests which had been offered.

She only prayed for a moment before her eyes popped open and she began to color once more, but my heart was touched to have witnessed her sincere childlike prayer to her Father, asking Him to meet the needs of these people she barely knew. Thank God for His poignant reminder to come to Him in simplicity and trust - as a child.

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