Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who me - skydiving?

I usually don't remember the dreams I have at night, but this morning, I woke up with a vivid snatch of a dream rolling around in my brain.

For some reason my husband and I were at a ministerial couple's retreat and we went skydiving. I remember jumping out of the plane, feeling the wind in my face and laughing as we descended holding hands. There was no sensation of falling or fear, I just remember watching the scenery until we made a soft landing on the grass below.

While I don't always ascribe a spiritual meaning to my dreams, this one seemed significant since Dan and I are both embarking on new ventures in our lives. Dan has been studying Intentional Interim Ministry courses and materials for the last year and a half. He's the only one we know of in our denomination in our area with this kind of training and it seems God is leading him into a consulting /training type position.

For me, my writing has taken an unexpected turn and I am now considering getting set up to publish my own e-books and offering them on my website. It's a step I never would have considered a year ago.

Wow! At 54 I never would consider sky diving. But then I never would consider making the life changes we are making as a couple, either. It really is taking a risk on God and jumping into the wind, prayerfully trusting Hm for the outcome. The neat thing is that we can sense His hand supporting us along the way in the process. God is so good!

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