Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Having A Caterpillar Moment...

Today is one of those days - I'm having a caterpillar moment, standing here at the edge of my nice safe green leaf, contemplating the idea of leaping off into the unknown.

True, as a writer, I've shed my old wrinkled caterpillar skin and taken my first risk by stretching my wings and leaping into the world of full time writing. But I had a little help making that decision since physical difficulties with arthritis in my knees mandated a career change last year.

For the last week though, I've been prayerfully considering purchasing the software and redesigning my website to create and sell my own e-books. That's a huge leap for one who almost crawled under her desk 10 years ago after starting to write for a small weekly paper and realizing EVERYBODY in that small community would read her stories.

So here I stand, feeling the wind in my face, wondering if these filmy butterfly wings I've developed are strong enough to leap off my leaf and risk flying. I see my Creator's hand encouraging me on. Friends and family have also been supportive. All that's left to do is to jump...

I know my caterpillar nature. Threads of that old cocoon of insecurity still bind me at times. Eventually though, I'll gather enough courage to take that flying leap after stewing about it for awhile.

Thank God, He's patient with caterpillars who've morphed into butterflies. He knows we don't always shed our caterpillar attitudes along with our skin. So He stands there waiting for us to take that gulp of breath and leap, His hands invisible just under the leaf, waiting to catch us and support us in the wind.

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