Thursday, April 5, 2007

Of battles lost and wars won...

Tuesday's quote still rings in my heart as I sit here early this morning.

"At the heart of the story stands the cross of Christ where evil did its worst and met its match." John Wenham

It seems, the enemy has never stops throwing his worst at the child of God. He thinks by leveling low blows at us, he will be able to take us out - to steal our joy, to kill our faith and ultimately to destroy our souls.

But what he fails to realize is that though the things of life may hurt us, causing our hearts to ache, that's when the Spirit of God draws near. When things are going well and life is hunky-dory, we don't look to Christ.

In some ways, Satan does us a favor by coming against us - because in those moments, we realize our frailties and neediness and we call out to the Shepherd who comes and sits with us, holding us and loving us.

We are so often like little children - we wiggle and squirm, wanting to get down and run off on our own, but in trouble or pain, we know where to run! We can run to our Lord who holds us in His strong right hand and helps us.

I will say it again - in the heart of the believer is the Christ of the cross Who has the final word by bringing beauty out of ashes.

Though my heart is reeling with hurt this morning over what feels like a betrayal and abandonment by a dear friend and mentor; my Friend and Mentor, Christ, has encouraged me. I feel His strong arms around me and hear Him whispering encouragement. I believe He has already begun to overturn what the enemy sees as a battle won into a glorious victory just as He did all those years ago on Golgotha. Praise the Lord!

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