Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sharing The Ancient Words...

This week "In 'Other' Words" is hosted by Loni over at Joy in the Morning. Loni has chosen a quote about her favorite topic--the Bible. It's an excerpt from the contemporary hymn, "Ancient Words" by Lynn DeShazo...You are invited to blog about your take on the quote on your site and post your URL at Loni's site.

This week's quote is:

"Ancient Words, ever true Changing me and changing you We have come with open hearts O let the ancient words impart." ~ Lynn DeShazo~

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The Power of Stories…

(To illustrate my thoughts on this week’s quote about the Ancient Words, I’ve chosen a short excerpt from my novel, Daughter of Lot – a scene between Naomi and Ruth the Moabitess after Ruth’s marriage to Mahlon.)

“There are so many new things to learn! I think your God must have a law for everything.” Ruth laughed as she asked Naomi for the third time how to prepare the stew meat. “It seems I’ll never learn it all. Why is your God so hard to please?”

“Child, He is not so hard to please. He gives us these laws because He knows what is good for us, better than we do ourselves.” Naomi patted Ruth’s arm in a loving gesture. “Me? I try to remember His love. That makes the laws easier to abide.”

Ruth completed the preparation of the meat and began methodically grinding the corn for bread in the doorway of the cooking tent. “Mother, the idea that a God can love His people seems strange to me. My country’s gods demand sacrifice and groveling. They always seemed to be scorning me with their ugly faces.”

“Haven’t you heard any of the old stories about the God of Abraham, Ruth?”

“No, Mother. I know the story of our Father Lot, and a little of Abraham because he was Lot’s uncle. But none of the other Hebrew stories are familiar to me.”

“We Hebrews hold our stories dear to our hearts. From the time our babies suckle at our breasts, mothers tell them the old tales so they may learn of God’s care for His people.” Naomi’s face took on a dreamy look as she began to recite the tale of creation as her own mother had told her as a child. “At the beginning of time, God made the heavens and the earth…”

Ruth lost herself in the tale and soon realized to her chagrin that she had stopped grinding the corn to listen. When Naomi finished, Ruth laughed aloud. “The tale was so new to me, I forgot to grind my corn.”

Naomi laughed with her. “I’m hearing the tale again for the first time when I see the wonder in your face, Ruth. So much like a child. You’re good for me. You help me to remember the important things in life.”


The old stories have always had power to change life, to instruct, to illuminate and to heal. They destroy the power of the enemy because they light up his dark, secret strongholds with the Truth and light of God.

When we as women of God share the story of our walk with the Lord, our journey to wholeness, we never know who it will touch – but as we yield to Him, He carries it to those who need it most. He spreads the light from one heart to another just as a candle lights another candle until all the darkness in the room is banished.

As we share His message from our hearts, we can change the world.

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Jenny said...


I always love stopping by. Your stories are so well written and such vivid illustrations of the quotes. Thank you for taking the time to share today.


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I really enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing.

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