Monday, October 1, 2012

Spiritual "baby tickers"

"They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household.” Acts 16:31 NLT

A few weeks ago, I found out my daughter was pregnant with her eighth child. Through the wonders of technology, she had an ultrasound and found out it was another baby girl. Woohoo!

Once Allissa announced the news to family and friends, she put a "baby ticker" on her blog that shows what's going on with the baby's development each day from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy. I love visiting the blog to see just how much my newest granddaughter has grown. For example, based on Allissa's due date, today the little one is 21 weeks and 5 days old - with about 128 days to go until she makes her debut.

The ticker also tells me how much she has grown over the past few months and how she's developing. Today it said the baby weighs about a pound. Her eyelids, eyebrows and lips are in place and growing.

Wow! The closest thing we had to that when my children were developing in utero was a photo spread in Life Magazine. LOL!

As I look at the "baby ticker," I think about those Mothers who tell me they've been praying for years for one or more of their children to be "born again" into the Kingdom of God. It would be great if there was some kind of a spiritual "baby ticker" that we could look at each day to see the spiritual readiness of those we pray for. Because there isn't, we have no way of knowing how close they are to God's kingdom.

But we do have God's promises that he answers prayer. God's watching their "baby ticker" even though we might not be able to see it. He sees just how spiritually ready they are, how they are developing and what they need to be birthed into his kingdom. And he works each day through his Holy Spirit to ensure the safe delivery of those we witness to and pray for into his kingdom - even if we don't see the results yet.

Be encouraged - keep praying - don't give up!

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