Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Fluffy Motivation

Normally I blog about something related to Christian Education or program planning on Wednesdays, but today I want to digress a little and tell you about a great site I found the other day.

It's called Spark People and is a fantastic motivational site for those "fluffies" among us who need encouragement to be "less" than we are. It's like a "My Space" community for weight loss management.

SparkPeople offers a variety of motivational tools from a computer generated meal plan which can be tailored to fit your needs and a water intake tracker to a fitness tracker where you can find out how many calories you burn per day. I even saw a weight loss tracker to display the number of pounds lost as you wave goodbye to them.

Just for fun (or friendly competition if that motivates you), they offer "spark points" each day for logging in, reading the newsletter articles and tracking your progress on the various calculators. These points can be spent on virtual rewards for yourself or fun encouraging gifts for your friends. I already received a neat welcome mat to display on my site. Awww, do I feel loved already!

They send out newsletters related to all sorts of medical conditions offering diet and exercise management tips as well as a recipe site with some really yummy looking foods. Today I took one of my favorite recipes and entered the ingredients - it calculated the nutrition information per serving for me.

The biggest problem I can foresee with this site is that it is addicting. If I go MIA from my daily blogs, you may have to go over there and bring me back LOL!

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