Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Walking In The Wilderness

In "Other" Words

This week's quote is:

"Blessed Be Your name
When I'm found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed Be Your name..."
~ Matt Redman ~
Lyrics from "Blessed be Your Name"

Some of the most beloved novels I have read are the epic “journey” tales where the main character is faced with a challenge that they must meet, causing them to leave family and friends and set out on a long trip (Pilgrim’s Progress, Lord of the Rings, Hinds Feet on High Places, the Narnia chronicles, etc.).

Sometimes they are being chased along the way by an enemy, either seen or unseen. Other times they must fight the enemy within in order to move forward on their life’s chosen road. But invariably, the main character comes to a wilderness – a bleak, vast expanse desert-type experience which they must cross in order to continue their quest.

In the wilderness, the character often has a respite from the physical enemies he or she faces. The landscape may seem the same day after bleak, weary day. There is a sense of aloneness, like they have been forsaken by their mentors or their companions. Of all the times in the story, it is the time when they are most tempted to turn back and forget the whole thing.

But it is in the wilderness where internal conflict is at its peak. Here the character must battle their inner selves, to overcome doubts and fears. Here they must resolve the questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I doing this?” “Is it really worth it?”

Is it any wonder God, the great Author and Finisher of our faith, uses wilderness experiences to shape us in our life-long “journey tales?” In those bleak times when the landscape looks the same day after day, when we feel alone, even forsaken by God, we can discover the most beautiful touches of His Hand upon our lives.

When we take that second deeper look outside our woe-be-gone selves, we discover the amazing flowers that bloom in the desert, the variety and intricate creative design of the desert dwelling animals. We learn the intimacy of His Presence in a way we can never see Him amidst the chaos and busyness of our lives. Our personal wilderness experiences are truly used by God to enhance and strengthen our spiritual lives if we will learn to focus on Him.

Just as the characters in a journey tale will come out of their wilderness experiences strengthened and with renewed purpose for their quest, our wilderness experiences become God’s gift to us to strengthen and help us face the arduous road ahead

“Though I walk through the wilderness, blessed be your name…”


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MiPa said...

I always enjoy your input to IOW, and this week is no exception! Bless you for your insight. I really enjoyed this.

Lana G! said...

I am so glad that He is the author of my story! Thank you for your post today.

Angie said...

Sometimes I feel as if my life is one of those novels you speak of that "surely must" have a good ending!---Choices we make determine that. I am thankful that He sees us through those wilderness journeys....complete with the lessons we learned along the way.
Your post really spoke to me! Thank you for taking the time to share!

ellen b said...

I really appreciate your insight on this topic. I would like to look beyond my woe-be-gone self and see the One who has gone before me through the wilderness! blessings...

eph2810 said...

You know, Bonnie, you are right - our wilderness wanderings or desert places are truly a strengthening tool. I never thought about it in that sense. I just always saw them as getting closer to God.
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this week's IOW quote.

Be blessed today and always....

The Small Scribbler said...


This post is so good. I've spent the last year in the wilderness. It's just like you have described.