Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another one of "those" days...

"Avery, don't pull those papers down." I watched as my two year old grandson deliberately pulled a stack of bills off the desk before I could reach him - the same stack I spent an hour organizing.

"Don't pull that stuff out of the box!" The next minute, the half full box was again empty.

It was one of "THOSE" days where in a split second, a terrible two year old alien would take over my sweet grandson's body and wreak havoc through the house while I tried to pack or take care of everyday things.

Yes, he probably just wants attention because his little world is topsy-turvy right now. First his cousins leave after being here with him for several months. Then boxes begin appearing while shelves, cupboards and drawers begin to get emptied. He already went through that once when his parents packed up to move here so he knows something is up.

I know I've come a long way from the time my children were small and behaved like that during a family move. Too often, I found myself losing my temper and taking out my frustration on them.

But I have more patience with my grandson - I try to stop and play or hug him to reassure him that though he's moving... again..., he is important too. Then he's okay for a few more minutes until the terrible two alien child snatches his body once more.

When life feels uncertain and I feel upset or frightened, I am a lot like Avery. I want and need extra loving attention and comforting reassurance from my Heavenly Father. Those are the times I need to seek Him out and rest in Him rather than letting my frustration levels rise to the point where I "lose it."

The difference is that He doesn't follow me around, trying to prevent me from making a mess of things because of my fearful, temperamental nature. Rather than becoming frustrated or angry with me, He waits for me to recognize my need and come running to Him. He stands there with His arms open wide and hugs me tight when I come.

Lord, today may be another one of "Those" days! I need Your love and touch more than ever on my life. Thank You for being there.

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