Monday, August 27, 2007

Elephant Burgers, Anyone?

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

Can you tell I feel a bit overwhelmed? Standing in my spare room filled from floor to ceiling boxes, I find myself wondering, "Where will I put everything?"

The temptation exists to just pull everything out of the boxes and stick it ANYWHERE just to rid my room of boxes. Then my sanity takes over and says, "If you put it where it belongs now, you won't have to move it around later."

So I'm taking my time, thinking hard about the contents of each box and trying to figure out where it fits into this new house puzzle. I have to admit, it's working pretty well. My office has never been this organized. It may take longer to unpack, but in the end, it will be less stressful later on and worth the time to do it right.

When I moved deeper into relationship with Christ, I brought an elephant-sized mound of stuff with me - past traumas, the results of poor choices, damaged ways of coping with things, plus a lot of good experiences, friendships and traits I thought were worth keeping or developing.

I am so thankful God is patient with me and helps me sort through all those things one life lesson at a time, helping me prayerfully consider where each thing belongs in relation to Him. He sees value in much of the junk and has spent time fixing it before placing it in its proper place. And He has tossed a lot of things I thought were worth keeping in my life.

Though it has taken a lifetime so far, He is helping me deal with my elephants one bite at a time, relieving tons of frustration and creating a beautiful space in my heart where I can spend time with Him.

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