Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Blogversary!

I began my bolg almost a year ago this month on Yahoo 360 through the encouragement of a friend and writing mentor. She helped me to see that building relationships with readers was important to grass roots success as a writer.

At that point, I committed myself to writing a daily blog even though only a handful of friends and fellow writers read it. Each day I prayed about what to share and took an hour or two to write whatever God laid on my heart.

Some days the words came easy. I was bursting with something new to share. Other days, I struggled and felt like, "What's the use?" But I kept at it anyway.

Then something wonderful began to happen - I began meeting new friends who just happened to "stumble" across the blog. Coincidence? NOT!

Some were writers and others were new acquaintances who added me to their "friends" list. I increased the number of places where I published my blog and found even more new friends. I joined web rings and participated in weekly frolics like the writing challenge at Faith Writers and In Other Words from Christian Women Online.

These new friends have been a real source of encouragement to me as a writer. Even when life feels a little overwhelming as it has these past few months, I am prodded to write as often as I can because I know my friends check back every so often.

God has used blogging to build my confidence as a writer too - when I first started writing several years ago, I worried that I wouldn't have anything to say. Yet day after day, as I commit my writing way to Him, He gives new insights, humorous stories and all kinds of things to write about.

And the wonderful comments people leave at my blog sites have been such a blessing! It is fun to see where they're from and visit their sites too as much as I can.

So thank you my blog friends for sharing this journey with me! May God truly bless each of you. Happy Blogversary!

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