Monday, August 6, 2007

Thanks for the Memories...

I spent Saturday afternoon boxing up our family photos - pictures from Christmases and holidays with our children and grandchildren as well as the vintage photos of my parents and their parents in preparation for our upcoming move.

Many of the oldest photos came from my parents home a few years ago when we cleaned out their house to move them into the assisted living apartment. What a wonderful treasure trove of family history! I didn't know they had such amazing old pictures.

After the packing was completed, I ended up with four Avon sized boxes full of memories. I have a huge job awaiting me after we get settled - to organize the photos and create scrapbooks for my children and grandchildren.

I can't wait to create a scrapbook of their ancestors - to tell them the stories of their great, great great grandfather who was a basket maker; their great, great grandparents who lived through the Great Depression; their great grandfather who fought in an important campaign in WWII: their great grandmother who was raised in a Mennonite home with a long history of ministers in the family tree; and the stories from my own childhood.

Those family histories are an important part of my grand children's heritage as Americans and Christians. It will help them understand who they are, where they came from and even why they like or dislike certain things.

It is one of the things I love most about the Bible too - it is a "family" history: a collection of word paintings and stories of those from my spiritual family that helps me understand who I am in God, why I do what I do and what I can be.

Thank You Lord for carefully preserving my family history in Your Word! It is a precious gift to me.

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The Small Scribbler said...

What a neat way to look at the a personal spiritual history.

My husband comes from a family where no immediate family members were Christians growing up but he and his three sisters all accepted Christ over the course of the last 15 years. It makes me wonder...Did he have an ancestor who was faithful to pray for his/her descendents? I like to think that there was such a person.