Monday, July 9, 2007

Time for a "Clean Sweep!"

You'd think we were participating in that HGTV program, "Clean Sweep," trundling everything out on the lawn and examining it piece by piece to decide what to sell, keep or toss. The only problem is - it's not the contents of two rooms, but three households worth of stuff as we prepare for our big sale!

My daughter is sifting through her boxes for saleable items - if they end up going to Florida, she needs to purposely cut down on their worldly goods - they barely fit them into a 26 foot truck when they moved here with us. Because of the distance, this would be a one-trip move for them - no coming back later for things that won't quite fit in the truck!

For my daughter-in-law, it's a different matter. They are moving into smaller quarters and also need the money so she's being ruthless as well, trying to figure out what they can do without. I keep telling them, they may NEED their snow blower here - it's not northern NY, but we do get snow...

Of course, I love yard sales, so count me in! Once I get into the fray, I find I'm willing to part with almost anything. As the piles on the tables mount, I make a last trip through the house thinking to myself, "Now, what ELSE can I sell?"

Though we've moved often over the years, I still am amazed at how much stuff I've accumulated over the four years we've lived here in Maryland. This is a BIG house and I have worked hard at filling it up. At least most of my stuff has no sentimental value.

Seriously though, I know my heart house needs redding up every now and then too. There are attitudes I've stored away along with a clutter of thoughts and memories that need to be sorted and purged.

What about those relics from my old nature that I want to cling to for sentimental reasons? The Lord almost has to wrestle them out of my stubborn grip. I do have to admit, most of the stuff He clears away is thrown in the "toss" pile - not worth selling or giving away and definitely not something I want to keep in my life.

But when all is said and done, and I've allowed Him to clean out the rooms of my heart, I am amazed at the beautiful inner space He has created for me - a place where there is room for His presence, free from the stifling shame and pain of the past and thoroughly cleansed from the filth that tends to accumulate on a daily basis.

Okay, Lord! I'm a candidate for a "Clean Sweep!"

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