Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving Right Along

This morning I'm a little teary eyed as I watch my daughter, her hubby and kids pull out of the driveway in their U-Haul on their way to Florida. I know I will see them again and I can keep in touch via telephone, blogs and even web cams. But the loss of their physical presence with me is hard.

I just mopped up the first flood when my son-in-law called to say they had just made it to the Interstate to begin heading south. I know he was just being silly, but his call cracked the dam again, threatening to wash away my computer...

In time, I will be busy going about my old empty nest routine. I will post their photos on my screensaver, call several times a week (daily if I can get unlimited long distance when we move...) and read Allissa's family blog. I'm sure I will share lots of "air hugs" as Eve calls them and will collect items to send care packages to the grand kids.

Life will go on. The pain will diminish, leaving albums of photos and wonderful memories of the few months they spent with us - a beautiful gift from God. I will always carry them close to my heart.
I wonder what Jesus disciples must have felt like while watching Him being taken up into heaven following His resurrection? After being able to hug my grand kids and feel their bear hugs in return, I can imagine what John must have felt like - he would have been part of His inner circle, leaning close to Him at the Last Supper.

They knew they would see Jesus again and had even more assurance that He heard and answered their prayers after the proof of his resurrection, but the loss of his physical presence with them must have been painful.

For those of us today who never had the priviledge to see Him physicallyand walk the earthly paths on a daily basis, there is no sense of loss. We know Him differently than the first generation Christians did: as the resurrected Savior, seated at the right hand of His Father, making intercession for us. Maybe our lack of close connection makes it easier to put Him out of our minds when life gets busy around us. We don't "miss"Him or His presence in our lives so much that we need to keep in daily touch with Him. We fail to cultivate the intimacy that a close relationship needs to thrive.

Lord, help me to hold You as closely in my heart as I hold my family members - to share daily conversations with You and spend time reading Your love letter to me - Your Word. Just as the excitement builds before a visit to my loved ones far away, help me to anticipate seeing Your face at last when I am ready to travel home to be with You.

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The Small Scribbler said...


The first thing that caught my eye was the the car. That made me laugh.

I am glad that God worked out the timing of my encouragement. I'm sure your house feels empty. When I walk I'll be praying that God fills your house and your soul with His presence. It is an encouragement to me to "hear" how much you love your family.