Thursday, July 19, 2007

Security blankets

"Security Blanket" - a blanket or other object which a child (or adult) clings to that helps them feel a sense of safety, comfort or warmth. (My own definition).

Eve, my 7 year old grand daughter still carries a battered pillow case with a large picture of Winnie the Pooh on one side and Piglet on the other - hence the name "Pooh-Piglet." I gave it to her when she was tiny and she can't sleep without it. For awhile, she just carried it around, then she had to put her legs inside it to sleep.

During the summer, when she decided it was too warm to sleep, Pooh-Piglet ended up in the freezer until bedtime, cooling it off so she could cuddle in comfort. I can't tell you how many times the house was turned upside down looking for that pillow case at bed time. Her parents even had to turn around on a trip once to rescue the abandoned pillowcase at a restaurant where they stopped a few miles back.

None of her 3 other siblings have an actual "security blanket." But her cousin Avery does. his is a fleece blanket with all sorts of balls on it. He is so attached to it, his mother had to purchase a similar one (same color with the same type of balls, but the pattern is smaller) so she can wash the first one when needed.

While I don't remember having a security blanket, my son did. It was a quilt I made him out of denim squares cut from old jeans, an old thermal blanket for warmth in the center and a striped sheet as the backing. This was tied with red yarn at the corners of each block. I even put a zipper on three sides so he could zip it up and use it for a sleeping bag. He kept that thing until he was married and it fell apart.

Even my husband had a security pillow - an old feather pillow he had as a boy. That thing was pathetic when we finally bought him a replacement just a few years ago.

Though I didn't have a "blanket," I had that same need for security. At an early age, I learned of Jesus love for me and ran into His arms one night when I needed His security and love the most.

He has always been the one I run to when hurting, sad or in need of comfort. In a very real way, Hi is my security blanket - the one I cling to for safety, comfort and warmth. I don't know what I would do without His love and comfort. Thank You Lord, for being my "Security Blanket."

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