Monday, June 18, 2007

Yeastless and wheatless...

Last week, we spent a day with my mother-in-law. The quiet of her house provided a welcome break from the cacophony of children’s voices at my house.

Mom suffers from severe pain and cannot get around d like she used to. Her doctor suggested food allergies might be to blame and tested her to see which foods she needed to stay away from. One of them is wheat and wheat products and another problem food is yeast. Both are the most important ingredients in bread – a staple food of our diets.

I can’t imagine having to go for one day without some kind of bread, let alone six weeks until she can begin to add foods back into her diet to see what she can safely eat. So it wasn’t surprising that she complained about having a craving for a piece of bread so she could have a little sandwhich – “Just a little one because I’m so tired of vegetables.”

So I’ve been commissioned to find a yeastless / wheatless recipe for bread that will help satisfy her cravings between now and July 4th when we see her again. Help!!!!! Anyone out there know of a recipe or website that might offer healthful alternatives for regular wheat bread? In the meantime, I’ll be searching the Web to find SOMETHING to help out.

Thanks in advance for any help you have to offer! Likewise, I’ll be sure to post any results I find.

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