Tuesday, June 5, 2007


In "Other" Words

This week's quote is:
"What used to make us stumble, God can use to make us stand. What once made us bow our heads in shame, He can use for His glory." ~ Joanna Weaver~ Having a Mary Spirit

It never ceases to amaze me how God can take something bland and broken, making it into a staple of life. Yet we serve a Creative God Who takes delight in doing just that. He gives us so many illustrations of His power to bring good out of the hurtful or shameful experiences of our life – just check out the ingredients in your kitchen!

For example, yesterday I purchased a 25 pound bag of flour. Pizza is a staple in my household – especially with 5 children and 6 adults living here right now. I have found it’s much less expensive to make 4 large pizzas than to buy them.

If you ate a mouthful of flour by itself, you’d probably choke on it. It has little taste and the powdery texture would be difficult to manage. Whatever you do, don’t inhale!

The flour started as a stalk of wheat which grew to maturity, then was cut down, beaten to separate the grain from the stalk and pulverized until it became a powdery consistency. Ouch! Been there – hurt by the deliberate acts of others.

By itself, the flour is bland, unappetizing and not really good to eat. When you add some water, oil, sugar, salt and yeast, something happens. It begins to take shape and even grow, though it is still an unappetizing, sticky mass. But it is still a work in progress because it has to be kneaded, left to rest, then pressed, stretched and worked into shape on the pan. (Sometimes I wish it didn't hurt so much when God works on my life!)

Though it’s starting to look more appetizing, the pizza is still not done. It has to be topped with sauce, cheese and any other toppings you choose. Here we do one with mushrooms, one with just cheese, one with pepperoni and the 4th with ham, cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, sausage, broccoli and whatever else we can find.

Once the flour dough has been beaten, stretched and pushed into shape and dressed, it’s ready for the final step in the process. It is the exposure to heat that creates the finished product which blesses and fills each family member.

How thankful I am that God invests His time and energy in me to recreate the hurt and broken parts of my life into something He can use - something appetizing and nourishing for others.

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MiPa said...

[recreating the hurts into something He can use] What a beautiful picture. Thank you!

Julie@Shanan Trail said...

We have Friday Pizza night at my house. It was easy to follow your analogy of God working us into something delightful!

Oh, and BTW... Not only is it cheaper, homemade pizza is way better! Make mine spinach, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dar Bonnie,

Wonderful post. We love pizza too and making it! I love your take on the post relating to flour etc. great lesson for children and I am going to use your post to my children today hope thats ok. I loved this part:

How thankful I am that God invests His time and energy in me to recreate the hurt and broken parts of my life into something He can use - something appetizing and nourishing for others.

May the Lord bless you this week and always.

Angel ():)

Denise said...

Beautifully said dear one.

Laurel Wreath said...

Amen, and I'm hungry now ;)

Loni said...

THank you for sharing. I love the thoughts relating to flour. You write so beautifully. THANK YOU!

Blessings ~ Loni

Rachelle said...

Bonnie, I have finally figured out why I'm always so behind on getting spiritual lessons from everyday life. Somehow, dialing 1-800-DOMINOS doesn't make for a good metaphor like the one you've given us here. Drat.

Tara Sloan said...

Love it! Great analogy!

Hopeful Spirit said...

What a great take on the quote . . . I never would have thought of it. And now I have the strangest craving for pepperoni . . .

Deborah said...

Bonnie, I stumbled upon your blog today! Great message. You are truly a gifted writer!