Friday, June 1, 2007

A stitch in time...

When my granddaughter first moved in with us, she wanted to learn to sew doll clothes, so I began teaching her how to hand sew little designer originals for her babies and Barbies .

I have some very fond memories of "sewing bees" with my neighbor's niece on their front porch during warm summer days. I still remember the scents of their house, the crinkling of the fabric and plastic cushions on the outdoor furniture and the warm fuzzy feelings of having a "best sewing buddy" for that summer week she visited. How fun to sort through scraps of fabric, choosing just the right one for a new Barbie sarong or skirt.

Now I have those same memories with my granddaughter. But then an inspiration hit me! She should also learn to use the sewing machine and learn to make clothes for herself. I know, she's only 7, but she was eager and ready! So we went to WalMart and bought patterns, fabric and notions to complete a great peasant skirt.

Since it was all straight seams, it was fairly easy. What fun! Eve helped me pin and cut the pattern. Then she sewed and pressed the straight seams. Two days later, voila! She has a new skirt that she helped to make herself and I have wonderful memories.

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