Friday, June 29, 2007

My grandkids have super powers...

Every morning, I settle in at my computer to attempt my daily blog, Every morning, my 5 year old grandson creeps up to my right elbow and watches me as I boot up the screen and begin my routine.

"Grammy, are you going to work now?" He always asks the same question after about five minutes of silent staring.

"Yes, Jack. I'm going to write my blog and answer my e-mail. Why?"

"Because I was wondering if we could play a game together on your computer?"

If there were super hero powers to melt a granny's heart, Jack was endowed with them in abundance!

"Give me an hour, Jack, and we'll play, Okay?"

"Okay," he says as he scampers out to the living room to watch the morning kids' programs.
After the first half hour programs has aired, he's back. "Grammy, is it an hour yet?"

"No not yet, Jack. You have to watch one more program."

Away he scampers, returning after each commercial with the same question. "Is it time yet?"

At the end of an hour, I have to grin. "Yes, Jack." Sometimes I have to ask for a few more minutes, and other times I just call it a day and say, "Okay Jack. I'm ready."

For a half hour or so, we spend time laughing over some silly game, making bread or doing some other activity around the house, but all day I bask in the glow of having spent that time with him.

I have learned that relationships are important. I won't always have my married children and their kids close by. As a matter of fact, if things go well, Jack's family might be moving to Florida by the end of July. If they do, it will be a long time between visits and he will grow up to the point he won't stand by my computer when we visit and ask to play with me. Those days will be long gone.

There will be time to write more another day when the emptiness of my nest threatens to overwhelm me. But until then, I'll do what I can as far as writing goes, in my spare bytes of time.

So, come on Jack, my super-powered, heart-melting grandson, let's play!

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