Friday, June 8, 2007

Avery "Trump"...

Avery is only two, but already he's got the young executive thing down pat.

Yesterday he had me in stitches as he walked around the house with his own cell phone (a discarded phone with battery removed.)

He pretended it rang, flipped open the phone and began to jabber away in totally unintelligible gibberish. After a few words, he paused as though listening to the other party, then began to jabber again. In the middle of his conversation, he said, "yes," very clearly, then went on jabbering. One minute later, he said "goodbye," and closed the phone, only to repeat the whole process several times.

I can only wonder who he was "talking" to and what he was saying, but I really think we'll be in trouble when he learns how to use the real phone. Donald, I think he's got your number...

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